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Valuing Others

Elaine VitikainenElaine Vitikainen

A few months ago, I conducted a capacity development training with a local organization. During that time, the director of this organization wanted to let go of one of the staff members. The director told me that this individual was lazy and was not finding ways to improve the way he works.

But after the training something happened. The director let me know that the same staff member had become a different person. The communication line has opened between them. They can now talk freely. The staff member is now able to suggest new ideas and new ways to improve. The director was also able to see how effective this staff member is in his role. This openness made the director realize why some tasks were not done in the past. The director became aware that she was asking this staff member to perform tasks that were way beyond his capacity. The director was very surprised of this sudden change.

I too wondered what happened. But during the training, I tried my best to involve everyone. It did not matter if a staff member is in a high position or in a low position in the organization. Everyone can participate and express their ideas. So it was a joy for me to see how this staff person boldly stood in front of the participants to report back. I saw how he understood that he too can express himself, that he too has a value in the position he is in. It suddenly did not matter to him how low his position was.

This week, how will you show value to those with whom you work?
How will you value the work of those with lower positions in your workplace?


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