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Video: My Journey Out of Grief and into His Presence

Lisa NagleLisa Nagle

As Christian leaders we are often driven by unseen expectations within our culture towards a results-oriented, task-driven, busy ministry lifestyle. If not countered by an even greater power, that kind of hectic pace will cause an erosion of one’s soul, emotions, body, and relationships. We can sense this happening in our own souls at times, and the fallout of many Christian leaders’ lives attest to it also. It should not be ignored.

What is that greater power? It is following Jesus into His way of solitude.

In this video testimony, Lisa Nagle speaks about moving from a time of loss in her life to experiencing God in solitude.

“There’s a paradox here: that as a new widow, I already felt very alone … but I was missing that deep, intimate relationship – that spiritual relationship and intimacy that I was missing in my husband. I felt like I needed to get away and experience God in a deeper, new way. That’s what pushed me out and away from the swirling life of grief and my busy schedule soon after my husband passed … so I could get away and hear from God, know God, and pray and read His Word.”

While facing a world of extreme need, Jesus – as our leader – modeled and called His servants towards a very different way of faith and practice. Resilience was built into the Son, by the Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit, over time in the solitary places. God can do this in your life also.

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Lisa Nagle