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Having Our Way or Having Christ-Likeness

Deborah ChuppDeborah Chupp

So often in life
we equate being Christ-like
with those around us
who give us our own way.

And when we don’t get our way
or not in the way we want it,
we fume, we get offended,
we talk about them
behind their back
and our perspective of them
turns dark.

But what if being Christ-like
is NOT getting our way
in the way we want it
as fast as we want it
the way we think it should look
and instead, we realize
that we are all very selfish
and that selfishness runs deep
in all of us
and that the way we RESPOND ‒
the way we view our precious
brothers and sisters in Christ
when we don’t get our way ‒
shows our own selves
the measure of Christ-likeness
that is in US?

It’s like our very own measuring line
to show us where we are at.

When we don’t get our way,
When everything around us crumbles;
When our own plans
and expectations fail;
When we don’t have a single soul
giving us the affirmation
we think we deserve
or giving us the attention others get
in the circle of friends
we find ourselves in …

Can we bask in the glow
of the glory of Christ
and give free access for His Life
to shine through us
even when NOTHING we deserve
is shown?

As we lean on Him
in the hard times,
the lonely times,
the misunderstood times,
through the lack of any attention
and when we see Him
and continue to experience His love
and find that to be
the greatest joy of our hearts …

THEN we can start to see
that He is in us.
We can be fully satisfied in Him.
We can find joy in little
or big things
because as He is,
so are we in this life.

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