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What’s Your Ministry Philosophy?

Stephen MayersStephen Mayers

As you face decisions and difficulties in your leadership, you begin to think through what you believe and why you believe it. As time goes on, those beliefs are shaped into a ministry philosophy by which you begin to lead. Then without having to think it all through again, you live and lead from this foundation. Every leader has values; it’s just that some leaders haven’t clearly identified them or taken the time to process them thoroughly yet.

The following letter is my ministry philosophy consisting of seven major values with a list of principles below each one. This is not an exhaustive list at all but gives a taste of what each leadership value means to me. If you have attended an LDC you will recognize these values as we articulated them through the teaching and training over the six-week course. I hope you enjoy reading them. Perhaps there will be half a dozen sentences that jump off the page at you and say – “I want more of your attention!” I would be very happy if you do just that and give some more time to thinking how that principle can become a value for you.

Self leadership: lead from personal conviction, example and experience

Servant leadership: lead with the interest of others as priority

Shared leadership: lead with others according to gifting and anointing

Spiritual leadership: lead on the basis of the Word of the Lord

Strategic leadership: lead with the end in mind

Structural leadership: lead by establishing a clear framework

Sensorial leadership: lead by creating an environment

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