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Through what channels does God’s authority to serve come to a new leader?

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Through what channels does God’s authority to serve come to a new leader?

When a leader starts to serve in a particular responsibility does his authority come from past leaders, other leaders or directly from God?

Can it be acquired some how or must it be given to the leader?

Please share your relevant experience(s) or wisdom in the comments below.

Answers from the Community

  • Malcolm Webber

    You must first build favor with those you want to serve. Without favor there is not much authority.

  • Guest

    Authority to lead in any divinely ordained enterprise comes only from the anointing that God pours out upon leaders that He has chosen.

    I think David is a good example. The young lady was was not the one with the outward qualifications, but he WAS the one who was anointed. Nor was he the one with the right family connections, but he WAS the one who was chosen.

    We like to think that a leader serves well because we’re good at picking then, but how vainly, and sadly we are mistaken. Who does God choose? The answer is right in front of us (1 Cor. 1:26-31).

  • Ngallendou Dièye

    Church leaders have no authority, only responsibility. We must lead by example. Young men want authority by which to issue orders, mature men want authority by which to secure finances, and old men want authority by which to dictate doctrine. Only Jesus Christ has authority within and amongst his churches. Serve the Lord with humility, even with meekness, then he will exert his own authority to make you influential and effective.

  • Saw Peter

    Whoever Encounter with Father God and Follow His agenda rather than our own, will get authority from God. Of cause nothing to do with any good work of our life. it’s ALL from His Grace and Favor. And if we are faithfully be assisting/serving to our Leaders who God’s chosen then God’s authority would pass from the past Leader too.

  • Denny Finnegan

    I think there are different types of authority we receive: 1) The authority from God that comes from His call and commission upon our lives; 2) The civil authorities that God has allowed to be in place or established who authorize and recognize our work in their spheres/metrons; and, 3) The authority that comes from those who follow us as we build mutual trust and respect. It is an authority that they recognize and give to us as “their leader”. I have also seen God give me an authority to act on His behalf for a particular time and place as a result of a call to prayer and fasting. But it “lifted” once a particular work occurred that I believe the Lord called me to do in that time and at that place.

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