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20 Lessons I Wish They’d Taught Me in Seminary

David MannerDavid Manner
  1. Even when my ministry position allows me to have the last word, it doesn’t have to be mine.
  2. I can have a vision for future ministry without denigrating past ministry.
  3. If I hoard leadership to receive all the credit when something works, I will also receive all the credit when something doesn’t.
  4. Progress at the expense of relationships is not any more virtuous when the goal is noble.
  5. Affirm staff and volunteers in public, evaluate them in private, and pastor them in both places.
  6. If you randomly blow ministries up, then you’ll never know where the pieces are going to land.
  7. My leadership is not threatened when someone else gets the credit.
  8. Those in ministry should take the Hippocratic Oath to seek that those they serve “suffer no hurt or damage.”
  9. It is always a better outcome when I err on the side of grace.
  10. If I don’t take care of myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically, no one else will.
  11. Not all ministry staff problems originate in someone else’s office.
  12. People-generated is always healthier than leader-dominated.
  13. I should always surround myself with a group of trusted leaders to protect me from my own stupidity.
  14. There are lots of other ministries, but I only have one family.
  15. The end of learning new is the beginning of leading old.
  16. Bullying is not more honorable under the pretext of pastoral leadership.
  17. I could learn about life and ministry by drinking more coffee with senior adults.
  18. My attitude may be the only change necessary in our ministry organization.
  19. Ministry success is based more on the in-betweens than the big events.
  20. Leadership equilibrium is achieved by making deposits in younger leaders and withdrawals from older leaders.

[ecko_alert color=”gray”]Pause and Reflect:

What are your top three picks from this list concerning leadership you have observed?
And now the real challenge: What are the top three concerning your own ministry?
Make this a matter of prayer and accountability.

– LeaderSource SGA[/ecko_alert]

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