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Alan Briggs

Alan Briggs

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Alan Briggs, his wife Julie & their four kids live in Colorado Springs. He pioneered the Ministry Apprentice Program to train leaders for a life of mission. He is the Director of Frontline Church Planting where he equips leaders for planting and the Multiplying Pastor at Vanguard Church where he trains disciples to make disciples. He is praying for a major movement of God in Colorado.

Why Your Context IS the Hardest

I have a lot of conversations with church leaders in radically different places. Each one seems to think their context is the hardest to minister in. Some places are stuck in religious tradition, some are ridden with the occult, some are wealthy, some wear crime on their sleeve, some have a struggling economy and some […]

Alan BriggsAlan Briggs

The Velveteen Leader

I will never forget my first day as a pastor. I got keys to an office, a contact list, a few introductions and so it began. I couldn’t believe I could get paid to meander with people most of my week through the good, bad and ugly areas of their lives. I was wide-eyed with […]

Alan BriggsAlan Briggs