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Deborah Ferber

About the Author

Deborah-Ruth Ferber holds a master’s of divinity, Bachelor’s of Religious Education, and Graduate Diploma in Peace & Theological Studies from Tyndale University College and Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, respectively.  Deborah has also spent the past three years serving in the L’Arche movement and as an associate with the Anabaptist Disability Network where passion, deep love, and laughter have been evident from the multiple people with disabilities she has assisted. Deborah’s work has been featured in numerous blogs and magazines, and she also co-authored her first book “A Living Alternative: Anabaptist Christianity in a Post-Christendom World” last year.  When Deborah is not musing about peace or replenishing the diminishing kale supply, she is usually off drinking copious amounts of tea and shamelessly doing Bunsen burner experiments.