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Hiwot Alemayehu

About the Author

Hiwot Alemayehu is passionate about leadership and philosophy and enthusiastic to share thoughts on mindset and transformation. She gets inspiration through conversations with people, morning devotion, traveling, and her beautiful daughter and son.  Currently, she is working in the areas of capacity development and leadership development and has international working experiences mainly with the civil society organizations.  She has also experience of designing a leadership development program for various target groups such as women and youth. She is a trained leadership facilitator with good experiences of leading and facilitating change processes at individual and organizational levels. She studied Public Administration and Rural Development as a Masters program.    

Follow to Lead

We know how important leadership is. Leaders provide role models and establish the level of trust. We have rightly focused on leader development. But leadership is not a person; it’s a relationship between people. If we only focus on the leader, we are in danger of under-estimating the importance of being a good follower. We […]

Hiwot AlemayehuHiwot Alemayehu