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Joe Handley

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Joseph W. Handley, Jr. is president of Asian Access. Joe was born and raised in Southern California and attended Azusa Pacific University, where he earned a BA in psychology. He spent nine years working at APU, where he founded and directed the Office of World Missions and directed one of the first multi-national high school mission congresses, Conquest ‘96. During his time at APU, both Joe and his wife, Silk, earned their MAs. In 1998, the Lord called them to Rolling Hills Covenant Church, where Joe served as global (and lead) outreach pastor. In June 2008, Joe answered the call of God to become president of Asian Access. Joe and Silk are blessed to have three great kids. Rebecca, who is 16, enjoys Facebook, scrap booking and crafts. Rachel, who will soon be 13, enjoys laughing with her friends, drawing and taking guitar lessons. John, who is 8, likes scouting, camping and doing experiments. They also have two dogs and an aquarium with five fish.

They Were Lost in God!

Are you lost in God? God is asking us, “Do you really, intentionally love Me?” If you are not doing this, you cannot teach your people to love God. It’s learned by examples, whether it's a leader in the Old Testament or us. Our kids and disciples know how to love God because they’ve seen it modeled before them.

Joe HandleyJoe Handley