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Pieter Messelink

Pieter Messelink

About the Author

Pieter Messelink is a project manager in missions and evangelism with De Verre Naasten (Distant Neighbor).

Distant Neighbor helps churches grow worldwide, announces God’s love and fights poverty and injustice. They do this in partnership with local churches or Christian organizations. They support their programs, along with local churches (commissioning bodies) in the Netherlands, with knowledge, people, and financial resources.

How I Learned to Work by Resting

2014 was the hardest and darkest year in my life. Christmas 2013, I was diagnosed with burn-out. I had to stop work completely. This was incredibly difficult. I was so used to being busy, to having my head filled with stuff, to be carrying on. I have always done so much in my own strength, relying on my own insight. But this proved unsustainable.

Pieter MesselinkPieter Messelink