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Raj Chelvaraj

Raj Chelvaraj

About the Author

Raj Chelvaraj serves as LeaderSource’s India Director. Before joining LeaderSource, Raj was part of the leadership team for YWAM South Asia’s leader development course. He came to faith in Christ at the age of 17 and almost immediately began cross-cultural mission work through Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in India.

Raj served with YWAM’s University of the Nations in Pune/Lonavala and in YWAM India in various leadership capacities since 1992. He taught mission courses and was the pioneer leader of the Biblical world-view course in 1998. Raj helped to empower many leaders who are now serving all over the world. Before resigning from University of the Nations/YWAM in 2008, Raj assisted in the building project of the five-acre training campus in Lonavala. He has been deeply impacted by the Christ-centered focus of the ConneXions Model of healthy leader development, and is called to focus primarily on helping church and ministry leaders in India to implement new approaches to building healthy leaders. He resides in North India with his wife Brenda and daughter Zoe.

God’s Commitment to Leftovers

In the desert with little water and scarce food, it is a struggle to survive, and that can lead to discouragement. God never wanted life for Jewish leaders to be such a struggle when they came back from Babylon, but they were measuring their problems against their own puny strength rather than measuring them against our mighty God. They forgot God is much bigger than any struggle we face.

Raj ChelvarajRaj Chelvaraj