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Samuel Voorhies

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Sam Voorhies has 30 years of multi-cultural, international leadership and management experience in INGO (International non-Governmental Organization) relief and development. Sam has extensive work experience in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific Rim, covering some 65 countries and resident experience in Kenya and Zimbabwe (seven and five years respectively), working across 25 African countries. His experience ranges from grass-roots, village-level work in rural and urban communities to national, regional and global program leadership. His vision and passion have focused on building national leadership capacity to lead sustainable programs. Sam’s past work focused on strategy, senior leadership and organizational development, supporting organizational change for the World Vision International Partnership. Sam currently leads his own consulting company focusing on leadership and organizational development. Voorhies International Consulting works with leaders, their teams and organizations to assess current capabilities and provide strategic support for effective leadership, team growth and organizational development. Since it’s founding, VIC has worked with numerous domestic and global corporate and ministry clients (including Compassion International, Food for the Hungry, Living Water International and several large corporations in the oil, gas and construction industries) to increase leadership and organizational performance. Sam’s passion is the integration of spiritual formation and leadership practice. He holds a Ph.D. in International Development Education from Florida State University. He is the author of several articles and publications on leadership, international and community development including: Serving the Poor: Steps to Relief and Development, Global Mission Handbook: A Guide to Cross Cultural Service, 2009, IVP; “Transformational Development: Changing People and Their Communities” published in Perspectives On the World Christian Movement, edited by Ralph Winter, 1999; Leadership Development and Organizational Effectiveness, The Good, 2004. Sam serves as an adjunct and visiting professor for Leadership and International Development at Saint George's University, Colorado Christian University, Denver Seminary, Eastern University and Fuller Theological Seminary. Sam currently lives in Colorado with his wife Emily, and has three adult children. You can reach Sam through his website at

Putting the Mask On First

That little yellow mask that drops down from the ceiling in an airplane gives life-saving oxygen in a depressurized cabin. Oxygen is something that we take for granted while our feet are firmly planted on the ground. Sam discusses how our relationship with God is as crucial to leadership life support as oxygen is to the physical body. He [...]

Samuel VoorhiesSamuel Voorhies