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Suzi McAlpine

About the Author

Suzi McAlpine is a leadership development specialist based in New Zealand.

With a background as an international executive search consultant, practice leader, business owner and executive coach, Suzi’s passion and skill lies in empowering others to become better leaders. “I believe people can find the best outcomes and make progress if you predominantly let them find their own solutions, rather than telling them what to do. The way I see it, most of the time we do have the answers ourselves, we just need the ‘space’ to reflect and to be asked the right questions. Coaching is such a powerful tool for positive change and professional support. It’s one of the coolest jobs in the world to be a part of such a compelling development process.” A leadership coach, award-winning blogger and keynote speaker, Suzi works alongside CEOs, managers and executives, to facilitate clarity, direction and optimal performance in the areas people need it most.

Suzi’s Purpose

Suzi’s mission is to ignite better leadership by sharing the cornerstones of great leadership – self-awareness, listening, stillness, collaboration, authenticity, courage, compassion and self discipline – with as many people as possible.