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William Frisbie

About the Author

Bill is the director of West Africa for LeaderSource. Bill has served in active ministry and leadership internationally and in local US churches for over 30 years. Both Bill and his wife Carol, spent their childhood formative years living abroad, Bill in Thailand and Iran, Carol in Brazil. The Frisbie family served as part of a church planting team in Senegal, and continues to have a heart for reaching the unreached people groups of this region. Bill holds an M.A. from Regent University. He served 10 years as part of the Faculty of Goshen College and 4 years in small business management. For over 8 years Bill has served as Pastor of Care and Connectivity in a local congregation. Carol holds a B.S.N. degree and is a Registered Nurse. They have three daughters, a son, three sons-in-law and two grandchildren.

The Longer View

The long view, a generational view, is the kind of view that provokes patience and compels us to initiate collaboration with the generations before and after us in accomplishing Kingdom work. God has included in the assignment of each generation, the intentional sowing into those who are coming up after us.

William FrisbieWilliam Frisbie

The Palm Beach

The muffled rant out in the hall prompted the fading in of a closed-eyes smile across my travel-worn face. It wasn't the words of the outburst – garbled French curses for the sake of quiet – but the images from earlier that night that animated a mind's view of what I could not see presently. I will share with you what I saw that you may [...]

William FrisbieWilliam Frisbie