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Become Her Fan

Jess MacCallumJess MacCallum

Brag about your wife in public. Make a big deal about her. Wear a button with her picture on it. Public recognition tells everyone what you think – especially your wife. Everyone needs a fan; become your wife’s biggest supporter. And don’t do it quietly.

Not only is it great for your wife and for your marriage, it’s great for you personally. You hear what you say aloud in a way that’s different from just thinking it. Really. Speaking about your wife in a positive way in front of others will deepen a good habit of treating her well when you’re in private.

Also, not to be too shallow, there’s another reason to speak highly of her in public – the image I project of my wife to others becomes a two-sided billboard with a portrait of her on the front and me on the back. Ever known a guy who finds only his wife’s failings suitable for discussion? While he’s complaining or making fun of her, you can’t help but think this guy must be a royal loser! He may be trying to get a laugh or worse, sympathy for his plight, but really he just looks weak and disloyal. Speaking negatively about your wife to others shouts that you are a poor leader in your marriage.

Now consider the opposite scenario. Imagine there’s a new guy at work who has done nothing but sing his wife’s praises for the six months he’s been there. Every time he gets the chance, he says how great she is, or how smart, or how talented. When you finally get to meet her, it’ll be like meeting a celebrity! Really, if you convince people your wife is Wonder Woman, can they really help but think you’re Superman?

The Proverbs 31 Husband recognizes his wife’s accomplishments and broadcasts his admiration to the world. No one wonders what he thinks – he freely shares his opinion.


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