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In Brokenness We Find God

Joshua WebberJoshua Webber

Recently, I found a present that my little brother bought me when he went to China a couple years ago. What he had bought me was a set of terracotta warriors. Unfortunately over time, one of the heads broke off of one of the figurines. I was disappointed and almost threw it away, until I noticed on the inside of the body, the fingerprints of the potter. Seeing this reminded me of my own life and my own shortcomings.

While the old self wants to live in pride and self-assurance, the only true way we can get to know God for who He truly is, is in a broken state; a state of reliance on Him, realizing that He is our creator and our sustainer. Once we look past pride and self-knowledge, we will begin to see God’s design in us and for our lives.

Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me. (Psalm 54:4)

Pause & Reflect:

Ponder your own brokenness. What are your most painful recollections and regrets? Let God show you His fingerprints in those times of frustration or agony, and then be thankful to Him.

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