Healthy Leaders


Building Healthy Leaders, Part 11: Designing Content – Session 2 –  Video

Robert WalterRobert Walter

Engagement brings change. Independent, critical thinkers go beyond manuals and procedures. They consider the impact of their own actions and the actions of others, and they are willing to be creative and innovative and to challenge the status quo when it is appropriate. To be effective, emerging leaders must be engaged. They must be active learners. They cannot be passive recipients. They must be learners and not just listeners. Traditional approaches to training treat people as if they were empty buckets ‒ we just “fill them up” with learning and knowledge. In reality, people are not buckets; they are more like muscles which need to be worked as well as fed.

Presented by our Director of Training, Robert Walter, this is the eleventh video in our Building Healthy Leaders series and goes over the importance of designing stimulating and experiential content that challenges our emerging leaders.

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