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Building Healthy Leaders, Part 9 – The 4Ds, Session 2 – Video

Robert WalterRobert Walter

If we accept that healthy Christian leadership includes all 5Cs, and not only academic capacity, it is immediately clear that building such a leader is easier said than done. It is not sufficient merely to send someone to a seminar or to give him a book on leadership to read. Leader development is highly complex and very little understood. Consequently, in many (perhaps most) organizations, it is essentially left up to chance. We pay lip-service to it, but devote little time to this endeavor. The small efforts at leader development that are made are often haphazard and not part of any overall cohesive strategy. Apart from sending young people to Bible school, usually we simply hope that the leaders will somehow raise themselves up! When asked what his leader development strategy was, one leader said, “You just have to let the cream rise to the top.” In other words, “We have no intentional strategy for leader development; we’re just hoping for the best!”

Presented by our Director of Training, Robert Walter, this is the ninth video in our Building Healthy Leaders series and wraps up the presentation of the 4D model.

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