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Burst Podcast Season 2: Principle #15

Brent HooverBrent Hoover

The Burst Leadership Podcast consists of short conversations designed to help you grow into a healthier leader: one who knows God, loves others, and embraces life. Sometimes it’ll be like chatting together over a cup of coffee, and sometimes we take a deeper dive. In this episode, Brent shares on Principle #15.

Principle #15 is that building leaders takes time. It takes a lifetime to build a mature and seasoned leader. Thus, our goal in short-term training is not to achieve final and complete maturity, but to lay a sound and comprehensive foundation in the emerging leader’s life. Moreover, our goal is to help him become a lifelong learner who will properly build on the foundation for the rest of his life. 

Find out more in this episode of Season 2 of the Burst Leadership Podcast.

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