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Dialogue with Theophilus Exercise

Jim BrennemanJim Brenneman

(Devotion, Discussion, or Leader-team Bible Study – about 60 minutes)

For discovery of how we meet the needs of those who are Theophilus to us. . .

Dialogue with Theophilus Exercise

Luke met the needs of his “Theophilus.” All of the people we are leading are like Theophilus, or at least we want to nurture the Lover of God that is in the heart of every believer.

This little exercise can be carried out by a leadership team or in a workshop with leader trainees in a church, or on a hike, or riding on a train with a group of believers. Sometimes we may be forced to “have church” in odd settings.

First meditate individually:
Take about five minutes to prayerfully ponder your reasons for reading the Bible, especially the New Testament.

Then, engage in a Luke and Theophilus Dialogue:
Questions that follow develop the idea of the original purposes of the New Testament authors, with the example of Luke writing to Theophilus.

Evaluation in a large group:
Does this help you re-examine why you are reading the Bible? Does this help you with understanding why you are leading? How so? In the larger group together discuss your conclusions from this imaginary dialogue.

Readers are to Writers as Followers are to Leaders

These reasons for reading the documents of the New Testament writers can illustrate reasons for following leaders. Certainly we want to be aware, and understand why people are following us.

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