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The Story of the Little Swallow

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Written by An Asian Church Leader

There was a swallow who picked a place under the roof of my house to build her nest. She started the nest several weeks ago. But every time she built her nest, my husband would knock it off the roof. He didn’t like the bird. He did that twice. However, the little swallow seemed to love that place. She kept coming back and built her nest there for the third time. This time, my son poked it off the roof.

I felt sorry for the bird, and asked my husband and son to please treat the bird with kindness. In my heart, I believed that would be the end of it – the bird would not come back again. Yet, to my amazement, the swallow came back, and built her home under my roof for the fourth time.

This time, as I watched the bird building the nest, the Lord spoke to me: “Look at the swallow. She was attacked, she was rejected, she was hurt, yet she didn’t give up! She kept rebuilding. Now she has made it!”

I received the message. God was telling me to not give up and quit because of attacks against me. My spiritual condition was turned upside down. I call the lesson I learned from the swallow, “the spirit of persistent restoration.”

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