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7 Common Traits of the Best Leaders I Ever Followed

Ron EdmondsonRon Edmondson

I’ve been a wisdom seeker all my life. Thankfully, I have had some great leadership influencers in my life and I have sought to learn from each of them.

Beginning with my high school principal when I was student body president. He taught me to take responsibility for my actions, but not to trip over my own humility. And a man in retail, who took interest in me in college. I was technically his “boss” but he was every bit the leader to this young, inexperienced, first-term manager. He taught me I cannot lead alone. I may be the leader, but there is no leader without people.

I’ve been blessed with good role models. And, I have had some leaders who were not so good. Such as the guy who threw my sales book across the room at me.

Looking back, though, the best leaders I ever had shared some common traits.

There were things which set them apart from other leaders, helped them be successful, and caused me to take notice of them.

7 Common Traits of the Best Leaders I Ever Followed

Would you add any to my list from the best leaders in your life?

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