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Rodney Duttweiler

Rodney Duttweiler

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Rodney and Kathy Duttweiler helped to co-found East Mountain, a leadership development ministry based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, after spending over twenty years serving in Senegal and leading missionary teams in West Africa. With every conversation they are intentional, and their gentle leadership emulates the East Mountain model of life-on-life discipleship. East Mountain exists to develop Christian leaders for global missional service. We are a network of Communities where leaders grow - spiritually, biblically and practically. East Mountain invites current and future pastors, missionaries, biblical scholars, and para-church leaders to participate in relationally driven, community centric, multi-cultural learning environments. Programs seek to integrate development in our three key areas of spiritual formation, theological education and practical leadership skills.  Rodney and Kathy first met at Wheaton College. They were married shortly after graduation and arrived in Senegal, West Africa as missionaries in June 1989. In their first four years they engaged in evangelism and discipleship outside Dakar, the country's capital, using both French and Wolof, the national language of Senegal. Their (now adult) children Caleb and Jessica were born and raised in Dakar. Their experiences in front-line cross-cultural ministry prepared them for Rodney's next role in leadership. In 1998, Rodney became the Senegal Team leader and Africa Area Director. He serves with 20 years of ministry experience, with over 10 in leadership. He has developed church leaders, advised para-church organisations, including The Institute of Evangelical Theology of Senegal. Rod and Kathy have also served on the school board of ASCI accredited Dakar Academy. Rodney and Kathy act within the EM community as spiritual mentors and culture-shapers, connecting relationally with others and spurring our community members on in their ministry. Many are blessed by their gifts of hospitality and encouragement!