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Christine Caine’s Message to Christian Leaders

Paul SohnPaul Sohn

I’m live blogging from Catalyst Conference. Catalyst is a next-generation conference that emboldens leaders from all over the world. The theme of Catalyst for 2015 is “Awaken the Wonder.” Wonder invites potential. Wonder provides vision. Wonder inspires. Wonder leads us to God. Christine is a lover of Jesus, wife to Nick, and mum to Catie and Sophie. She travels the globe preaching, teaching and advocating for justice.

God is able to do awesome and amazing things. Why can’t you and I as believers of Christ look at our vision with so much passion?

We have the greatest story to tell because the story points to a greater story of God.  We need to rise up because God is great and we need to share His message.

We live in a world full of signs and miracles. We can live in the midst of signs and miracles but can miss out the big destiny God has for us. The greatest days are ahead of us not behind us. Whatever sphere of influence you are in, as followers of Jesus Christ your primary responsibility is to lead people to Jesus. Therefore, we are all leaders. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the position and the title and sphere of influence is secondary to your primary purpose – that is, to lead others to Jesus.

What we are talking about is not self-help or self-actualization. Your perspective about this will determine another person’s destiny. Understand that God doesn’t call leaders to change anyone! If you are trying to change them, or trying to help them change themselves, God is not obligated to sustain what you started. We need to lead them to Jesus and then let Him do the changing.

The fact that any of us are saved is a miracle. The fact that we are still here despite the raging storms before is a miracle. We have a generation behind us waiting for us. This is the need of those we are leading. We need to bring them to Jesus for the miracle of transformation.

Instead of diluting the message of God, start living it and leading it every day in your life. We must never allow ourselves to imagine that we are causing the transformation. It is beyond our ability to change anyone! And yes, we will always be faced with people who are frustratingly impossible. However, “impossible” is where God starts. Do not limit God’s power by the size of your supposed giant – your obstacles.

We often use the word “but” in the wrong way, to drag our feet in moving ahead with a mission that God has given us…. We feel like nothing is possible. When faced with impossible challenges in the people we are leading let us instead say, “But with God, nothing is impossible!”

And let us say “But God is able to do the work.” God is able to make all of His great grace abound toward us so that we will always have all we need in all situations to do all that He directs us to face!

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. (2 Corinthians 9:8)

It seems impossible? Get used to it! What God has asked of you isn’t difficult – it’s impossible. But when you are in Christ, everything is possible.

Let us rely on the enabling of God as we mobilize leaders who will go to every sphere of life. The life we live isn’t the dress rehearsal. There is not one question that God can’t answer. There is not one enemy God cannot destroy. There is no need God cannot meet. There is nothing that our God cannot do. Without faith it’s impossible to please God.  With faith, however, all that God calls us to do is indeed possible! I can do all things in Christ.

Yes, it is possible.

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Paul Sohn