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God Can Call Anyone Into Leadership

Dionna SanchezDionna Sanchez

God can call anyone into a leadership role. Oftentimes, we may feel that we have stumbled into a role of leadership, when in reality, God has strategically called and positioned us to be in that role. There are people like pastors who seek out leadership-type roles. There are others, like marriage mentors, who do not. Their leadership may simply have stemmed from using past hurts in their lives as a ministry. Both positions are used powerfully by the Lord in strong and impactful ways, even if one type of leader wouldn’t have personally chosen to be put in that type of spotlight.

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. (Proverbs 19:21)

A great example of a leader who probably would not have chosen the leadership path into which God called her is Queen Esther in the Bible. God strategically placed Esther in the leadership role of Queen, for He knew that she was the right person to fight for the Jewish people.

And Esther won the favor of everyone who saw her. (Esther 2:15b)

Esther was faithful to her God and her people, which is exactly what made her so great in her reign as Queen; she didn’t seek to put herself in the limelight or highlight her heightened role in the nation. It’s this very self-effacing attitude that probably drew others to her and made her a more respected leader. She was a great example and role model. Her leadership evolved. She may not have called herself into that role, but God surely did!

God equips anyone called into a leadership role. You may feel stretched in the position He has chosen for you, and the role may be beyond your normal comfort level, but it is an honor and a great responsibility. It may feel like a big load to carry because people can often look to you for answers when you may not always feel like you have them. Even if they expect you to be flawless when it comes to your job, attitude and character – remember that it is God who placed you there. But, just as He placed you in this leadership position, He will also place people in your life to speak to you, help guide you, and encourage you along the way. God always provides for His work. He will never abandon you!

God chose you. He chose you because He trusts you with that particular job or ministry. He chose you because there are certain people’s needs you are best qualified to meet. He chose you because there are certain things He needs you to do later and where you are now will best build your skills to meet those future challenges. Trust in His judgment and ultimate plan. Let Him use you as He sees fit and embrace the process. He chose you for whom you are today, and for whom He will craft you into tomorrow. Remain faithful – for that is all He asks.

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