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How Leaders Shape Organizational Culture – Part 1 – Video

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber

If you’re a leader, everything you’ve been doing has already been building your organizational culture – whether you’re aware of it or not, and whether you’ve been building the culture you’d like to have or not. Consequently, the organizational culture you have today is the result of everything you’ve done, and allowed to be done, in the past. 

Practically, this means that if your existing organizational culture is not what you’d like, then you do need to make some changes but those changes are not of the “culture”; those changes need to be of yourself, by God’s grace! And, if you are changed – your beliefs, values, priorities, attitudes, actions, memories, language – then, over time, your organizational culture will change. 

This course will help you and your leaders begin building a healthy organizational culture.

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