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The E-motions of the Apostle Paul – Free Zoom Training

Brent HooverBrent Hoover

Seminar #3 in the Resilience! series for building strength into Christian leaders.

All leadership moments are emotional! Just ask those you lead. Emotions affect our lives as Christian leaders and followers each day — but how often do we recognize them? How should we live with those raw feelings of loneliness, anger, fear or sorrow when we are discipling people or teaching the Bible regularly? And how should the emotion of joy play affect us when we are leading? What role does love have in our leading and what emotions should we lead with?

In this online seminar will consider Paul’s emotions in order to better understand how God wants us to live as emotional beings, especially in the context of ministry and relationships.

One of the key issues for Christian leaders globally is low self-awareness of their own emotional life. Rarely is time spent, with others, reflecting on how their inner feelings affect their leadership or what events, people or words trigger unruly emotions. And they may not realize how the people they lead are experiencing the leader’s emotions.

This is #3 in a series on building holistic resilience in Christian leader’s lives.

About Brent Hoover

Brent Hoover started ministering in East Asia in 1988 as a college teacher. During those seven years, he saw students come to Christ out of atheist backgrounds, and through them churches were started. For the past 30 years his passion has been discipleship and building leaders in East Asia.

Brent is a Senior Training Consultant for LeaderSource with whom he
has served since 2007. The leader building and leader care ministries he initiated during these years are: Wilderness LeaderTrek, Champions for Life Sports Ministry, and Spiritual Life Retreats for Weary Pastors. Before joining LeaderSource, Brent led a campus ministry at the University of Michigan, pastored a multicultural congregation, coached a high school American football team with his father, and coached his daughters’ soccer teams. He and his wife have four children.

Formal education: BA in Bible and Ministry, Azusa Pacific University; MA in Intercultural Missions, Wheaton Graduate School (Billy Graham scholar program); M.Div, Moody Theological Seminary; First Responder Certification from NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School)

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