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Video: How to Identify High-Potential Emerging Leaders

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber

Ralph Winter, the great missiologist, said, “The largest stumbling block to leadership development in the global church is that we train the wrong people.”

In Christian leader development work, too often we focus mainly on the design and execution of the training itself without having identified the right people to train in the first place.

If we’re not training the right people, ultimately our work will be ineffective. Before Jesus chose His 12 disciples, He spent the entire night in prayer – that’s how important it is to identify the right people!

It is a core principle of leader development that we must build the right ones. But how can we identify them? How can we recognize those who have the calling to lead?

In this online video course, Dr. Malcolm Webber unfolds a biblical, proven and practical model for identifying the right emerging leaders to invest in.

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