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The Extraordinary Power of Gratitude

Rick JamesRick James

This week I listened to a fascinating talk by Professor Kim Cameron from University of Michigan. He was talking about his 15 years’ experience researching the power of virtuous practices in organizations. In his MBA classes he asked one group to note down in a journal each evening two or three things they were grateful for that day. He got another group to note down frustrations. Using a rigorous initial baseline, at the end of each term he could measure a detectable difference in health, academic performance, creativity and mental flexibility. People became healthier and smarter. He mentioned numerous studies as varied as ones with heart patients and with the US military that found exactly the same things. One study even demonstrated that grateful people live on average 13 years longer!

Having a grateful attitude, literally counting our blessings each day, makes a huge and practical difference. No wonder the Bible encourages us to be thankful. Just like plants, we are made to grow towards the light, to what gives us life.

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Rick James