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The Valley

Alex AndersonAlex Anderson

There are times when we just get tired of pushing, pressing, and fighting in this life. We ask God or ourselves, “Why does this life have to be hard, and filled with pain? It seems like this is endless. Jesus, why don’t You just return and end this all right now?” we say. Some of us feel so overwhelmed that we want to take our own lives, but we fear what the eternal outcome may be. Most of us may never see visions or dreams of eternity in this life. Most of us feel the Holy Spirit, but are hoping for a visual manifestation, like the church of Acts. We’re tired, the world is having more fun than us, and it seems like one thing after another. So why do we press? Is it worth it?

We press because we believe in Him. We push because after all this is over, we know by Him in us, this is for a little while. We fight for our families and friends who are not in the faith, but through our living testimony, they will be. We continue because inwardly, we want to obey Him. We have faith because He gave us a brief description of eternity.

We suffer because of sin. We suffered because Christ suffered. One day we will reign with Him.

Tomorrow my son Chunky would’ve been eleven years old. I can’t describe the level of emotional pain I feel. I love my friends and family but their words can’t comfort me. Even though they mean well, the pain is there. But I press. Though I mourn and grieve and miss him, I have to push forward. But I still have a responsibility, as long as I’m breathing. So even in my valley days, I have to continue to walk through the valley. So do you. Even when we make bad choices, get up and continue to press through.

The reality is, one day this will be over. Very soon, I will add. Continue to press through the valley.

We all must go through the valley.

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