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Elaine Vitikainen

Elaine Vitikainen

About the Author

Elaine Vitikainen is a creative facilitator focusing on Organisational and Leadership Development, and Communication for Development based in Helsinki. Originally from the Philippines, Elaine has always been inspired to serve others. She started as a dentist volunteering among the mountain tribes before specialising in multilingual education and in leadership position in Cambodia with International Cooperation Cambodia. She moved to Laos with SIL International working across Asia facilitating change with local organisations. After 15 years in Asia, Elaine moved back to Finland in 2015 with her husband and two sons. She now works as a freelance consultant. Elaine believes passionately in the importance of integrating faith in professional life. You can find her at and

Valuing Others

A few months ago, I conducted a capacity development training with a local organization. During that time, the director of this organization wanted to let go of one of the staff members. The director told me that this individual was lazy and was not finding ways to improve the way he works. But after the […]

Elaine VitikainenElaine Vitikainen