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Stephen Mayers

Stephen Mayers

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Stephen met Rite on a DTS/SOE in England in 1977 (Stephen’s home nation). They married two years later and lived in British Columbia, Canada, where Rite had grown up. In 1980 they rejoined YWAM in Scotland where they stayed for the next 26 years. Stephen was a national leader for 15 years and Rite established a preschool and ran training seminars for preschool teachers in many nations. In 1993 they focused on leadership development, Stephen earning his master's degree in Leadership Studies at Azusa Pacific University. Since then the LDC (six-week leadership development course) has been established all around the world. They moved to Spain in 2006 to pioneer a leadership retreat center. Stephen is still involved in the leadership of YWAM Europe. They have three adult children.

Time to Journal?

For the past decade, doctors and psychologists have been taking notice of the health benefits of reflective writing. They note that wrestling with words to put your deepest thoughts into writing can lift your mind from depression, uncover wisdom within your experiences, provide insight and foster self-awareness. Similarly, a recent news [...]

Stephen MayersStephen Mayers

Enjoying Silence?

In this age of communication and technology, it’s difficult to find “silence.” Our culture is addicted to words, music, mobile phones and the constant beeping of social networking. Silence can make some uncomfortable and the response generally is to fill the space with noise of one kind or another. In the midst of so many […]

Stephen MayersStephen Mayers