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Articles in this category focus on the integral part that calling plays in a leader’s life and how to achieve our true calling in Jesus Christ.

Struggling and Losing the Plot

I’ve been working with some leaders recently who are persevering through perennial and seemingly unrelenting loss. Their hearts are asking, “Is the struggle God’s calling for my life? Is my job just to persevere?” It’s so tough. Yet I don’t think that the struggle is the sum total of God’s calling for any life. Yes, […]

Dorothy StewartDorothy Stewart

Managing a Vision

We believe that a crisp articulate vision can be realized. A vision spoken with passion will stir many hearts. A good orator such as Martin Luther King, Jr. was successful in envisioning the society. Vision casting can be a combined effort; Mahatma Gandhi was the visionary and Prime Minister Nehru was the orator. Visions of […]

Gary KamaalGary Kamaal

Four Responsibilities of Elders

Scripture lays out the responsibilities for elders, but, sadly, these responsibilities are often sidestepped, altered, or neglected in the church. Tending to the flock can take a backseat to making sure the lobby gets remodeled. The teaching of the Gospel can get sidelined by making sure disgruntled members are happy. And when elders [...]

Eric RobertsEric Roberts

Leading a March of Fools

The mood in the meeting tent was thick with anger, disbelief and frustration. Ten trained leaders were ready for action. Ten warriors were prepared for battle. Forty years of frustration was ready to be appeased and four decades of struggle and suffering was about to be assuaged. And now, this. The Jordan had been crossed. […]

Scott RodinScott Rodin

Little Church, Big Mission

Your church may be small. God isn’t. Smaller churches will typically have fewer resources than their mega-brethren, but that doesn’t mean their mission is different. The Great Commission wasn’t given to churches with fancy buildings and large staffs. It was given to high school drop-outs who hardly had enough talent between them to [...]

Tyler EdwardsTyler Edwards

God’s Job Description

If there’s anything that Jeff Pessina has learned in 37 years of ministry in the Philippines, it’s that he doesn’t write the job descriptions in his life. The most significant surrendering in my life was when things weren’t going the way I wanted them to or the way I expected. The Lord has never shown […]

Kelsey McFaulKelsey McFaul

What’s Your Leadership Anointing?

Have you ever wondered why some leaders see incredible growth and others seem to struggle? I think back to leaders that I have worked with who have all had great potential. Some have gone from strength to strength and others just didn’t make it. Having pondered this question for some time, the Lord gave me an insight. Put the right gifts [...]

Stephen MayersStephen Mayers