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Articles in this category focus on how a Christian leader can build and nurture competencies and apply them practically in ministry life.

Follow to Lead

We know how important leadership is. Leaders provide role models and establish the level of trust. We have rightly focused on leader development. But leadership is not a person; it’s a relationship between people. If we only focus on the leader, we are in danger of under-estimating the importance of being a good follower. We […]

Hiwot AlemayehuHiwot Alemayehu

Leaders Act!

By definition, leaders have too many responsibilities on their plate. This is what distinguishes leaders from non-leaders – the ability to think it through and then act. And the courage to do so. Leaders execute. This is the fundamental nature of leadership. This is the core willingness of the leader. This takes courage. So trust [...]

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber

One Thing

Our car had broken down. It was just before Christmas Day. Passers-by crowded around. The driver had just stopped briefly to buy something and now the vehicle refused to respond. It was a top-of-the-line Toyota. We opened the bonnet [hood] and tried fixing the battery but to no avail. It was getting late. We were […]

Jonathan MbunaJonathan Mbuna

Leading Through Crisis

I remember walking through a crisis situation with a friend of mine, and I was amazed at the transformation in my friend’s life. He had been a confident leader, but this situation had left him unable to respond, unable to move.  He was stuck! Have you been there? Here’s the deal: Crisis will come. It […]

Russ ClineRuss Cline