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Articles in this category focus on how a Christian leader can build and nurture competencies and apply them practically in ministry life.

The 18th Camel

Many times, groups get “stuck” in the “desert of creativity” – going around in circles without any clear path toward fruitful collaboration. It is the job of the neutral facilitator to help their groups find common ground and move forward together. This is sometimes difficult, but other times it is simply a matter of helping people see things from a different perspective.

Kärin PrimuthKärin Primuth

Waiting … Waiting

Every once in a while I see leaders hesitating to act for no apparent reason. Probing, I've found a number of leaders seem to be waiting for permission. What keeps them paralyzed is that those expected to grant permission don’t even know their permission is hoped for.

Corey OlynikCorey Olynik

So Much of Our Teaching Is Not Sound and This Is How to Fix It

People waste years and sometimes their whole lives, never coming close to their purpose in God, because they get caught up in their own or someone else’s religious speculations. If we are to be effective and balanced teachers of God’s Word, we must recognize that our doctrines have various levels of significance and of authority. Jesus said there are certain doctrinal matters that are “more important” than others. By implication, this means there are some doctrinal matters that are “less important.”

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber

The Two Things a Leader Does That Last

Leaders come with a variety of experiences, tools, approaches and methodologies. The thing they all share, however, is the belief that they can bring value to an organization in the form of substantive change. They all believe they can guide a group to achieve a given goal. But no matter what area of expertise or experience, no matter where they start in the process of influencing an organization, there are basically two categories of value a leader brings that last.

Jess MacCallumJess MacCallum

Deliberate Rest

It seems that like breathing, we can all rest naturally; but to perform at our peak, we can all learn to do it better. It turns out that we have to work at taking deliberate rest. What do you do to rest and recover? How do you detach from your work?

Rick JamesRick James