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Articles in this category focus on how a Christian leader can build and nurture competencies and apply them practically in ministry life.

Single Tasking

Smartphones are indispensable for today’s leader, yet smartphones get us off track as well. On the plus side, multitasking is phenomenally enabled by those handhelds. However, focusing on one thing for an extended period, without electronic interruption, significantly impacts our results. Leaders must learn to balance multi-tasking and [...]

Corey OlynikCorey Olynik

Skip What They Skip

The late, great Elmore Leonard (Get Shorty) was once asked why so many people like his novels. He answered, “I leave out the parts readers skip.” Wow. Don’t you wish more business speakers took that advice? Can you? [ecko_alert color=”gray”]Pause and Reflect: Are your presentations crisp, concise, focused? Or, are they [...]

Corey OlynikCorey Olynik

Less Is More

I’m sometimes shocked at how little I have to actually do in order to make an impact on another person.  When I coach leaders, I often find myself: Repeating back to them what I heard them say Simply acknowledging the challenge or value of what they’re doing Over half the time, I find that these things are […]

Adrian PeiAdrian Pei

Let It Go

We’re moving into summer vacation season. Rest. Relaxation. Rejuvenation. Concocting. Brooding. Scheming. Yes. Yes. Yes. No. No. No. Most leaders I talk with are working too hard; they never shut it down. No wonder they run out of ideas. This year, please, take a couple of weeks off … really off. Cut yourself off from [...]

Corey OlynikCorey Olynik

Why Logic Is Overrated

The first chapter in my new book and guide, Facing the Demands of Leadership, covers the skill of “connecting with pain.”  In this chapter, I write about one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in leadership: Logic is overrated. It really is.  I’m a pretty rational person by nature, but over the past few years I’ve learned […]

Adrian PeiAdrian Pei

The 18th Camel

Collaboration is never easy – especially when the challenges before us are large, complex, or costly. The reality is that people are not born knowing how to tie their own shoes, much less how to work together effectively through networks and partnerships. Facilitating a collaborative partnership requires a different set of skills than [...]

Kärin PrimuthKärin Primuth