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A Letter from an Emerging Leader

Discipleship of the emerging leader is as crucial as a lion nurturing his offspring or a father his child, but it goes deeper than a father to child relationship. It is much broader than teaching skills or fine-tuning character. Malcolm has written a letter that goes straight to the heart of discipleship and what emerging leaders need from those more experienced leaders.

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber

The Need for a Broad Culture of Leader Development

Rather than only having tightly-defined training programs for a few, it is important to nurture a broad culture of leader development across the life of our churches and ministries. In this kind of organizational culture, our need for leaders will not go unmet. In fact, we will have no lack of leaders; they will rise up naturally and organically in every corner of the ministry! Moreover, our leader development programs will not suffer either. Those programs will be greatly enhanced by the constant and pervasive “life-building” all around them; every emerging leader will be both giving and receiving life nurture within the community.

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber

Challenge to Church Planters

George relates the similarities between today’s prolific churches with the characteristics of the churches depicted in Acts. Churches that rapidly multiply today have certain things in common: Money is not a necessary component, nor are particular doctrine or liturgy, buildings, degrees, big meetings, or eloquent speakers. They require no church practices except what Christ and His apostles required.

George PattersonGeorge Patterson