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Articles in this category focus on rejoicing in the community of other believers, how to build and nurture community, and how to better reflect Jesus Christ to our brothers and sisters in the faith.

We Need to Learn Empathy!

Studies have linked empathy to greater patient satisfaction, better outcomes, decreased physician burnout, and a lower risk of malpractice suits and errors. Doctors need to understand people, not just science, and healthy leaders need to cultivate empathy in order to affect the lives of those around them.

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber


When you next encounter someone who is proclaiming a false christ, or someone who announces their belief in no Christ at all, have the confidence of your convictions to ‒ instead of arguing or debating ‒ lead in prayer and in spiritual authority. Then, in a moment of faith, trust that the living, breathing, all-consuming Jesus Christ will emerge in the moment to lovingly confound every spirit of darkness.

Nick FranksNick Franks

6 Gifts Kids Need From Their Fathers

I’m a dad. I’m also a son. And it occurred to me recently that there are certain things that kids need from their dad. In fact, as I pondered the whole idea of fatherhood, I recall several examples in the Bible of “dad gifts” that were passed on to children. I think any dad would benefit from considering these, and, if you didn’t get these from your dad, there’s a pleasant surprise for you at the end of this article.

Scott TuranskyScott Turansky