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Articles in this category focus on how a leader can refine and build their character in Christ and lead by example from a Holy life.

Anxiety Is a Spiritual Issue

One of the easiest ways to disable a person, I think, is to make them anxious. I am not talking about an anxiety disorder, a diagnosable mental disorder that can be treated by doctors, therapy or medication. (To learn about anxiety disorders and how to receive help, you can visit I am talking about a general […]

Rachael DymskiRachael Dymski

Is Competition Wrong?

It is better to be humble in spirit with the lowly than to divide the spoil with the proud. (Proverbs 16:19) To me, there is nothing like the tension of a 3-2 pitch late in a Major League Baseball contest or a 4th and long play near the end of a big football game. Competitive […]

Tom RoyTom Roy

The Sheer Stupidity of Porn

For the sake of your wisdom and holiness, and of your future, would you join me for perhaps fifteen minutes in hanging out with three men in the Bible who were almost unbelievably stupid? I believe they are men who serve as powerful, mind-etching reminders for us all that we are also capable of a degree […]

Nick FranksNick Franks

Find Joy in Everything

The funeral was harrowing. An energetic young mother of two little girls, struck down by cancer. I have no idea how her husband was able to stand at the front and speak. Trying desperately to hold himself together, he recounted how his wife had a four-word motto she lived by – “Find joy in everything.” […]

Rick JamesRick James

5 Keys to Crush Stinginess

This fall, I had the pleasure of gathering with colleagues and friends from the Christian relief and development community at three different conferences. I love learning and meeting new people at these events, but this year one observation really blew me away: We typically think of generosity in financial terms, but so many of these [...]

Matthew RohrsMatthew Rohrs

The Expanding Leader

Can you strive for a promotion and still put others first? Can you consider the needs of others above your own and still edge out someone else to become the president of your company? For the Christian who leads in a secular environment the question isn’t, Does self-promotion mean you aren’t being humble? ‒ the […]

Jess MacCallumJess MacCallum