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Articles in this category focus on how a leader can refine and build their character in Christ and lead by example from a Holy life.

4 Ways to Fight Laziness in Ministry

Because all of us are prone to idolatry, we are likely more prone to one expression of sin than the other. If you are prone to laziness, you likely enjoy comfort and leisure more than accomplishment and the grind. As I have offered four ways to fight being a ministry workaholic, here are four ways to fight being lazy in ministry.

Eric GeigerEric Geiger

5 Principles for Growing through Change

Just a little rain transforms an arid desert into a magnificent blooming garden. That rain changes the arid environment and draws life from dormant seeds. The same can happen when we face changes in our lives. Sam experienced not one, but four painful organizational changes in his 24 years with World Vision. He said, “I was laid off once, resigned once and ‘stormed out’ once.” Sam outlines some growing lessons from Psalm 37.

Samuel VoorhiesSamuel Voorhies

The Character of Steward Leaders

The issue of a leader’s personal character is crucial, especially considering followers of Jesus Christ should be outstanding examples of trustworthiness. Yet there seems to be a lethargy and complacency concerning integrity among some Christians, which is out of sync with so many of the teachings in Scripture.

Howard RichHoward Rich

Is My Leadership in Danger?

As we grow secure in our leadership it can become harder to discern between anointing, depth of respect, loyalty and strength of character. This is the danger zone where we have to be aware of the power we are wielding. Unfortunately, often by this time we are unaware of the danger and no one is willing or able to say NO. Let me illustrate with a YWAM story.

Stephen MayersStephen Mayers

Quiet Your Ego

It seems like a simple recipe. First, you quiet your ego. Then, you become a better learner. Finally, you emerge a better thinker. If you have ever witnessed a disaster being pulled from a smoking oven, you know that some recipes are more difficult to execute than others. The recipe for better thinking is one of those difficult recipes and ego is the spoiler.

Paul MetlerPaul Metler